Business expertise

Our management expertise

Creation or takeover of a business, development of your activities, financing needs, growth management, prevention or management of difficulties, or even transfer of your activities, the firm is positioned at the heart of each stage of the life of your business. For this reason, our role is to put our expertise at the service of the daily management of your structure and to provide you with the tools and advice necessary for informed decision-making.

Thanks to our accounting and financial skills, we can develop the tools and analyzes necessary for coherent and truly productive decision-making. Our firm allows you to monitor the situation of your business on a daily basis, to judiciously seize the opportunities that your cash flow allows you and to effectively negotiate the financial aid you need.

Monitoring and advising on the financial management of your business:

By implementing the tools and analyzes necessary for coherent and truly productive decision-making (dashboards, financial ratios, business plan, etc.).

Your intermediary with your financial partners:

We can take care of your steps relating to the creation of companies, study of financing plans, table of employment and resources, choice of financing, study of financing plans…

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