Social expertise

The social management of the company as well as the management of payroll and mandatory declarations require in-depth knowledge and rigorous monitoring of regulatory news to be properly understood.

This is why the majority of our clients have chosen to call on the specialists of our social center in order to outsource and secure the management of their company’s payroll.

• Registration of the company with the various social organizations (URSSAF, Pôle emploi, Occupational medicine, pension and provident fund, mutual insurance fund, paid leave fund).

• Completion of hiring formalities (single declaration, letter of employment, employment contract), day-to-day management (establishment of payslips and various social declarations), social management advice (illness, accidents, dismissal, departure from an employee), production of summary statements, assistance with social organizations.

• Current advice on legislation, cost calculations (hiring, breach of contract, salary scale).

• For self-employed workers (TNS), we advise you on the choice of your remuneration, we establish the common declaration of income (RSI), we assist you in choosing a mutual insurance company, a supplementary pension.

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